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Snmp2xml4j contains several Java Written tools easing the process of performing and transforming an snmp queries into a structured xml.

Currently the it is able to do snmpget, snmptset, snmpwalk and to transform the results through xslt. It provides a bridge between MIBs and raw data received from the SNMP enabled devices.


Snmp2xml4j is distributed under a dual software license. GPL 2 for non commercial use and a commercial software license if you would like to embed it in your "commercial" application.


The primary repository is in.


The library has been distributed over maven central.

An example usage

snmp-walk.bat Walk -md $SNMP2XML4J/mibs -a -c public -v 2c -t 1000 -r 1 -m 100 -f output.xml -o "system"

An example ouput.xml

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<iso oid="1" >
    <org oid="1.3" >
        <dod oid="1.3.6" >
            <internet oid="" >
                <mgmt oid="" >
                    <mib-2 oid="" >
                        <system oid="" >
                            <sysDescr oid="">adult playground</sysDescr>
                            <sysObjectID oid=""></sysObjectID>
                            <sysUpTime oid="" >
                            <sysContact oid=""></sysContact>
                            <sysName oid="">HeartOfGold</sysName>
                            <sysLocation oid="">nbu</sysLocation>
                            <sysServices oid="">0:00:00.05</sysServices>
                            <sysORLastChange oid="">0:00:00.05</sysORLastChange>