Graduation projects

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Conduct your degree project at iTransformers!
We work conscientiously to give students the opportunity to conduct their degree projects with us. For two reasons: First of all because we began our careers in a similar fashion, we know how important it is to get the chance to translate theoretical knowledge into practical action.
Secondly – and this nothing we try to hide – degree projects are a perfect way for us to get to know new talent, and if the expertise and personal chemistry are right, to offer employment.

Available projects
Here you can see all of our available projects. Several of the projects can be carried out from anywhere in Bulgaria or in the World. Get in touch with us for complete information about the projects – who your mentor would be, our perception of how work could be carried out and so forth.

Own proposals
You naturally increase your chances of doing your degree project with us if you are active and have ideas about what you want to do. Contact us if you have your own concrete proposal for a degree project or to find out if your ideas are of interest to us.
Contact us about degree projects