netTransformer on dynamips

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Trying out netTransformer with a virtual network topology

If you want just to try netTransformer and to do it not inside your own network you can try to do a dynamips network discovery.

Here is a topology that is suitable for the purpose. It has been built in GNS3 with dynamios and dynagen as underlying technologies. 



You can download it from here

Note that you have to find your own IOS images for cisco 3725 routers and you have to bridge and change the IP address ( in the initial configuration) of interface FastEthernet0/1 on R1 to your own network interface card of your PC.  

Once you are done with this you will have to point the host on which netTransformer will be run on how to reach the routers part of our virtual lab.

For the purpose add those a similar kind of static routes:

route add mask

route add mask

Replace with the IP address of the bridgged R1 router that you have previously configured.

Cisco Router configurations reside in “configs” folder. If you want to make the changes permanent please update R1 interface address also in R1.cfg.

Once you are ready with that and your virtual network lab is working you are ready to proceed with discovering and transforming your network.