Network Security - DDOS, RTBH & Self-Protection

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This is a devOps 1-day training aiming to introduce the participants to DDOS and one of the most popular methods for DDOS protection - RTBH. The course is half-day theory and half-day laboratory exercises. 
The lab aims to teach you how to configure RTBH and also how to add some self-protection to your applications. 


DDOS and DDOS attach methods 
• DDOS definition 
• DDOS attacks 
• DDOS defense 

Network/Content Service Provider infrastructure 
• General Concepts 
• Internal Routing 
• Internet Routing 

RTBH - Remotely triggered black hole 
• Source based 
• Destination based 

Self-adaptive systems 
• Self *= Self-configurable, self-optimization, self-protected 
• What is self-protection? 

Ideal for: devOps engineers 

Pre-requisites: Good knowledge of TCP/IP stack, some knowledge of network protocols, and minimal set of programming skills. 

Instructor: Nikolay Milovanov, engineer with 10 years of experience in networking & software, 5 years experience as a Networks Solution Architect, currently Director PS and Support, specialized in Software Architecture in Carnegie Mellon University, PhD in IPv4 to IPv6 Network transformation. 

Certificate: Upon successful completion of the course attendees will receive a certificate from ESI CEE.