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Welcome to iTransformers!

We are a private research&development company created by Nikolay Milovanov.

Nikolay is originally a network expert with a top of experience in ISP/Telecom network design and implementation. As part of his networking career Nikolay worked for companies such as ING, Deutsche Telecom/T-Systems, Globul and Intracom.  Then Nikolay got a bit bored by so much networking and slowly but surely switched to software by moving to the OSS/BSS industry where he developed network provisioning, fulfillment and monitoring solutions for companies such as Comptel corporation and SevOne/Programista. Nikolay has a PhD in "IPv4 to IPv6 network transformation" from New Bulgarian University. As part of his PhD Nikolay did a specialization in Carnegie Mellon University in Software Architecture. Currently Nikolay is dealing more with software then with networking acting as a SaaS architect & Continuous Integration and Deployment expert for one of the leading network monitoring vendors in the world. In his "spare" time Nikolay also teach in New Bulgarian University.

Nikolay enjoys contributing to software and networking society and has developed a number of open source software applications and libraries.

Their source software projects range from a framework for network discovery, automation and configuration to libraries for expect and SNMP and enterprise Java web applications DDOS protection component. At certain point they were interested in Internet mapping so a tool for generation of a graphml Internet maps from MRT dumps of Internet routers like bird or quagga was created.

More specifically the open source projects developed by iTransformers Labs are:

Under the hat of "iTransformer Labs" we offer development, professional education and consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Software Development Services
    • Enterprise application development
    • SQL/NO-SQL database design & development
    • Software architecture design, analysis and documentation
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
    • Release process refinement and optimization
    • Unit, Functional and Non Functional tests development
    • Automatic deployment
    • Delivery and deployment pipelines
  • Cloud computing
    • Cloud platform design and implementation
    • OpenStack consulting
    • SaaS solutions
    • Cloud provisioning and testing
  • OSS & BSS
    • Inventory modeling and consulting
    • Provisioning and activation
    • Service fulfillment
    • Network monitoring consulting
    • Network discovery
    • Network automation
  • Network consulting
    • Network design
    • Network consulting
    • Network transformation and migration planning
    • DDOS prevention and protection
    • Traffic optimization

Interested in? Don't hesitate to contact us!