Network Security - DDOS, RTBH & Self-Protection

This is a devOps 1-day training aiming to introduce the participants to DDOS and one of the most popular methods for DDOS protection - RTBH. The course is half-day theory and half-day laboratory exercises. 
The lab aims to teach you how to configure RTBH and also how to add some self-protection to your applications. 


DDOS and DDOS attach methods 
• DDOS definition 
• DDOS attacks 


netTransformer - Pirin Release

netTransformer team is proud to anounce that the "Pirin" release of our network transformation manager has been released. Pirin is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. If you have never heard about it have a look here. We had some beautiful moments there thus we named netTransformer v0.7 on the mountain.


What’s new in netTransformer Pirin

netTransformer “Pirin” release has a number of enhancements.

Graduation projects

Conduct your degree project at iTransformers!
We work conscientiously to give students the opportunity to conduct their degree projects with us. For two reasons: First of all because we began our careers in a similar fashion, we know how important it is to get the chance to translate theoretical knowledge into practical action.


netTransformer is now available

This is the first public release of netTransformer. It combines the best from iTransformer version 0.5 and bgpPeeringMap version 0.2. Besides that it supports a number of new features such as ranking algorithms, improved configurability, better network activation and several BGP peering Map enhancements.

Find out more about netTransformer ideology here.

If you find it interesting please have a look also on the user guide. Follow the Ready set and go section and tell us what do you think about it.

Soon we will be able to add a new demo on how to use it on our  video channel in youtube.





UserGuide - Pirin Release


This guide covers the “Pirin” edition of netTransformer.  netTransformer is a  network transformation manager able to:

  • Discover current network infrastructure
  • Capture its state
  • Build a graph data model out of it
  • Provide ability to review and reason about L2, L3, OSPF, ISIS and BGP topology
  • Automate device configuration process through simplified template interface!
  • Capture various other data during the discovery process
  • Track the network evolution process
  • Transform a network from one state to the other

Pirin is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. If you have never heard about it have a look here. We had some beautiful moments there thus we named this release on the mountain.

If that sounds interesting and you want to find out more please read the rest of this guide.



Available Graduation Projects

iTransformers research interest is related mostly on topics such as network transition and evolution. The projects we are able to offer are tightly related to netTransformer. Currently we can offer graduation projects in the following areas:

1. IPv6 BGP peering network discovery


netTransformer on dynamips

Trying out netTransformer with a virtual network topology

If you want just to try netTransformer and to do it not inside your own network you can try to do a dynamips network discovery.

Here is a topology that is suitable for the purpose. It has been built in GNS3 with dynamios and dynagen as underlying technologies. 



You can download it from here



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